Laura Bullard


Laura writes about the interplay between identity and power structures with a focus on gender, sexuality, race, and mental illness.


Laura works primarily in long-form journalism, checking against vetted and verified primary sources.


Laura works closely with journalists and editors to ensure clean, tonally consistent, error-proof copy.

Selected Clients
About Laura

Laura Bullard is a queer, Lumbee writer, editor, and fact-checker.  For over nine years, she has worked in journalistic, corporate, and nonprofit capacities across the United States.  She lives with her fiancée and three animal daughters in North Carolina.

Selected Portfolio


New York Times

One Closet, Two Secrets | A writer learns that addiction, like desire, can be ignored for only so long




Who Gets to Decide Who I Am? On Tribal Enrollment, Native Identity, and Federal Recognition

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 2.22.52 PM.png



The #ChurchToo Movement

Isn’t Just About Gender

Rage Becomes Her.png


Rage Becomes Her


Republic of Lies

by Soraya Chemaly | Simon & Schuster

by Anna Merlan | Henry Holt

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Los Angeles Times

Larger Than Life | Podcast


Julia Rubin, Executive

 Editor at Racked

Laura is an extremely thoughtful fact-checker and meticulous copy editor. Her work adds extra confidence to the stories Racked publishes; I know she won't miss an incorrect detail or an errant comma! She is also an excellent communicator, and just so lovely to work with.

Laura Bullard is an astounding combination of qualities: She’s meticulous and thorough while being swift; she’s authoritative while being a total joy to work with. I’ve already recommended Laura to several colleagues seeking an exceptional fact-checker, as she more than fits the bill.

Jessica Pels, Digital

Director at Marie Claire

Axel Severs, Managing Editor at Nat. Brut

Laura has proven to be an incredibly dedicated, generous, and creative contributing editor. She has initiated and executed special projects that have served to amplify the experiences of individuals who find themselves at very particular intersections of marginalization and stigmatization.  It's truly a joy and a privilege to work with her, and we're lucky to have her on staff.

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